Cove Lighting Application - Design Guide 
 Covelum 120/277 
 Covelum Designer Series White
 Covelum Outdoor
 Illumiline LED Tube
 Platinum Cove

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Covelum Designer Series LED Whites–

For interior critical white color applications within +/- 50K, recommended for illumination within 6” of source and for white backgrounds.  Set back  6-12” , cove height 1-4’.  


Illumiline Standard LED –

EStandard output, wet location listed LED tube for indirect illumination. Set back  6-12” cove height 2’. ↓  



Covelum 120/277 –

Line voltage interior LED solution for indoor coves with flexibility, adjustability and full range dimming. Set back 10-24” cove height  2-6’.  ↓


Covelum Outdoor –

Wet listed fixture for outdoor coves and pocket illumination in standard fixture lengths  include lens, channel and outdoor connectors  (not field cuttable) for straight run applications.  Requires 4” cove depth for fixture recess.  St back: 6”-12” cove height: 6"-24". ↓


Platinum Cove –

Smallest profile, most economical interior cove solution with reduced output (40% less than Covelum) . Compact niche applications for budget conscience projects – darker relief, accent glow of light . Extremely flexible , accommodates serpentine curves.  Set back 1”-6”, cove height 6”-24”.  ↓


Flexlum –

Standard output, low voltage, modular, flexible linear LED system with diffuser lens option for smooth beam in high gloss surface applications that delivers uniformity of color and glow with continuous illumination.  Set back 3-4” cove height 1-2'.  ↓


Illumiline HO LED Light Tube –

High output illumination for wall wash, interior and exterior coves. Mounts in profiles as small as 1". Set back 6-12”, Cove height 2-4’.    ↓