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Covelum™ Designer Model (Whites)


Featuring low maintenance, energy efficient lighting for high or low ambient light interior applications. CovelumeTM  DS are flexible field cuttable dual wire system that bends 90° to fit concave and convex curves without special hardware.



Use optional aluminum mounting channel for linear mounting or use mounting clamps (2 per foot) for curved or arched applications. Optional individual lens mounts in channel to protect LEDs from direct contact.



Ideal for both low and high ambient indirect interior applications of coves or niches.


Operating Voltage: 12V DC


Lumens/Watt.: 101lm (2.5" O.C.), 100lm (3" O.C.), 272lm (4" O.C.)


Kelvin Temperature: 2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K


Average Life: 75,000 hrs.

Product Details

Design Guide

Lamp Spacing To select lamp spacing necessary for desired effect, choose a close spacing for an even unbroken glow when you have a close distance or a wider spacing for a softer light with a greater distance to the wall area to be lit (see lamp spacing chart for details).




6" or greater


S - Recommended Spacing

No greater than 2.5" O.C.

No greater than 3" O.C.

No greater than 4" O.C.

 Different LED spacings can create dramatically varied effects. Tighter spacing is most appropriate for uniform lighting applications. The chart above is an example of uniform lighting based on spacing between module and distance to surface for even illumination.



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