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Fastube™ 3600


LED Tubing for areas requiring light emission in all directions (360°). Sold per foot and shipped manufactured to specific lengths with factory attached end preps.



Mounting channel for linear mounting or mounting clamps for radius curved applications (1 per foot).



Rectangular Tube: Clean edge or mortised fit into extrusions for steps and paths, tile, woodwork and mirrors; route into floors and walls.


Ultraflex Tube: Standard for surface mounting. May be draped or sewn into fabric banners or theatrical curtains.


Operating Voltage: 12V DC


Kelvin Temperature: 2300K, 2800K, 4700K, Blue, Yellow


Average Life: 40,000 hrs.

Product Details

FTI-03 Simi-Rigid

FTI-05 Ultra flex

Design Guide

Different LED spacings can create dramatically varied effects. Tighter spacing is most appropriate for close range viewing applications.


  • LED spacing: 2", 3", 4", 6", 12" are standard.
  • The first and last light on each tube is placed on half of the specified lamp spacing distance from the end of the tube so when tubes are linked, spacing remains uniform throughout.
  • 2" O.C. - Maximum Sparkle at Close Range.
  • Maximum Intensity
  • Works well in high ambient light areas
  • Forms continuous tube of light
  • Rated 0.96W per foot


  • 3" O.C. - High Intensity for Close Range
  • Excellent choice for highlighting and delineation when viewed from 10'
  • Cost effective at short to medium range distances.
  • Rated 0.76W per foot

4" O.C. - Highlight for Mid-Range Viewing

  • Used for highlighting subjects at viewing distances from 10' -20'
  • Preferred when the project requires greater lengths of tubing.
  • Rated 0.57W per foot

6"-12" O.C. - Points of Light for Maximum Range

  • Used for points of light for runs over 20'
  • Rated 0.38W per foot (6"O.C.)
  • Rated 0.19W per foot (12"O.C.)



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