Title 24 compliance sets rigorous benchmarks for energy efficiency in California, encompassing various aspects of building design and technology. As a leading LED lighting manufacturer, Tivoli is committed to aligning its products with these stringent standards.

DECLARE is a platform that promotes transparency in building product manufacturing, providing detailed information about a product’s composition, sourcing, and environmental impact. By participating in DECLARE, Tivoli demonstrates its dedication to transparency and sustainability. Our customers can access comprehensive information about our listed products, empowering them to make informed decisions that align with their values and sustainability goals.
Turtle-safe lighting typically involves using specific fixtures, bulbs, and shielding techniques to reduce light pollution and glare. These lighting solutions are designed to emit light in wavelengths that are less disruptive to sea turtles and to direct light downwards rather than toward the shore. By implementing turtle-safe lighting practices, coastal communities, and organizations can help protect sea turtle populations and support their natural behaviors during critical life cycle stages.