Natura Turtle Safe

Introducing Tivoli’s Turtle Safe LED Tape Light: Illuminate your space responsibly with our eco-conscious lighting solution. Designed with the environment in mind, our LED tape light not only provides stunning illumination but also ensures the safety of local wildlife, particularly sea turtles.
Natura Turtle Safe


  • Turtle-Safe amber LED
  • Low bin tolerance with a 1.5 Step McAdam Elipse standard
  • Includes Tivoli’s eXo shield coating
  • Factory-soldered lead wire
  • Standard IP54 damp rated and IP67 wet location available
  • Multiple mounting channel options
  • Low lead times
  • 3oz. Copper Trace
  • 5 Year warranty

Wildlife Preservation

By emitting a specific wavelength of light that is safe for sea turtles, our LED tape light helps mitigate the negative impact of artificial lighting on their nesting habitats. This contributes to the conservation of these majestic creatures and helps maintain ecological balance in coastal areas.

Energy Efficiency:

Our LED technology offers exceptional energy efficiency, consuming significantly less power compared to traditional lighting options. This not only reduces electricity bills but also minimizes your carbon footprint, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Longevity and Durability:

Engineered for longevity, Tivoli’s Natura TivoTape is built to last. With a robust design and high-quality materials, it withstands the rigors of coastal environments ensuring reliable performance and longevity without compromising on brightness or color quality.

Safety and Peace of Mind:

Rest easy knowing that Tivoli’s Turtle Safe LED Tape Light complies with stringent industry standards, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind for the turtles and you!

Illuminate your space responsibly while supporting wildlife conservation efforts with Tivoli’s Turtle Safe LED Tape Light. Experience the perfect blend of sustainability, and efficiency.


3M VHB Tape (factory installed)



  • Wavelength = Amber Turtle Safe: 590nm - 595nm
  • Voltage = 24V DC
  • Power Consumption (W/ft) = 7W
  • Max Run (ft) = 13'
  • Dimming = MLV, ELV, 0-10V, DMX
  • Environment = Dry Location
  • IP Rating = IP54
  • LED Color ( Kelvin Temp ) = Amber (TS)
  • Lumen Output (lm/ft) = 200-300
  • Efficacy (lm/W) = 36
  • Lumen Maintenance (L70) Hours = 60,000
  • Certifications = cULus, CE
  • Warranty = 5 Years

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