Introducing Tivoli’s newest line of TivoTape – ELITE+ series. This innovative series includes different family products such as Plus, Vision, Pro, Duo, Slim, and Flow, each offering solutions for various tape light applications. ELITE+ boasts a large range of CCTs, multiple intensities, high efficacy, and lumen output. It features a standard 4oz. copper trace for zero lumen drop in its standard 12mm profile, along with various Urban Channels for mounting options. Elevate your lighting experiences with Tivoli’s ELITE+ TivoTape series.

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ELITE+ Models

ELITE+ Series

Over All Performance - ELITE+ Series

ELITE+ Pro Series

High Efficacy - Pro Series

ELITE+ Flow Series

Dim to Warm - Flow Series

ELITE+ Vision Series

High CRI - Vision Series

ELITE+ Duo Series

Double Row LED - Duo Series

ELITE+ Slim Series

Small Profile - Slim Series