VAST Cove is an industry-first, patent-pending dual dimming system with built-in ELV and 0-10V protocol and a self-ballasted 120V-277V AC feature. Available in multiple CCTs and RGBW color mixing with a range of 6″ to 1′ pixel control


  • Paten-Pending Dual Dimming with ELV and 0-10v
  • Self-Ballasted 120V-277V AC
  • Multiple CCTs and RGBW color mixing
  • DMX512 control with Auto Addressing or RDM
  • Available Lengths: 1′ and 4′
  • Adjustable bracket and track system for easy installation
  • IP52

VAST Cove: 120 degree Adjustable with In-Field Customization

Each VAST fixture comes equipped with an easily adjustable bracket featuring a 120-degree radius coverage. Designed for field adjustments, it offers multiple levels of customization, ensuring you can effortlessly achieve the desired angle for your specific application.

Streamlined Installation with VAST Cove Series: Single Track Versatility with Quick Attach-Detach Design

VAST Cove accessories revolutionize installation processes, cutting down time with their single track system for continuous straight runs. Offering multiple jumper lengths, they effortlessly accommodate curved or corner applications, ensuring adaptability to diverse layouts.

The VAST track facilitates quick installation through a user-friendly drop-and-pull mechanism, allowing for easy attachment and removal. Additionally, users can enhance acoustics and aesthetics by choosing between two optional baffles, catering to both symmetric and asymmetric preferences. With VAST Cove accessories, simplicity meets versatility, transforming the installation experience.