Litesphere True RGB+W

Once again, Tivoli’s timeless classic reimagined! Litesphere True RGB+W is the TRUE original commercial grade, outdoor rated, low voltage LED strand light. Now available in color changing RGB+W. A Tivoli proprietary patent design from the ground up provides an all-new receptacle eliminating water penetration with a new screw-on design and a double O-ring for a secure fit on every globe. Tivoli’s research in algorithm performance eliminates the need for a fourth channel from the standard RGBW DMX setup. The use of three channels reduces data consumption and speeds up setup time with self-addressed pixel/globes. Upgraded mounting hardware allows for suspended or surface applications providing the perfect installation for any demanding project.
Litesphere True RGB+W


  • Tivoli’s patent proprietary algorithm controls RGB+W (5000K) LEDs for superior color saturation and TRUE white performance with only 3 channels of DMX other than a standard 4 channel system
  • Audio enhanced with MADRIX 5 software
  • Individually control each globe with DMX512 protocol for a unique and personal environment
  • Each globe is auto-addressed for fast set-up and connection
  • True RGB +W Technology delivers more than 16 million combinations of pure and precise color tones
  • Tivoli’s proprietary PCB design delivers a high-level performance and easy replacement
  • True RGB+W mount design provides optional suspended and a twist-off cap for surface applications
  • 24V DC Low voltage system
  • Pre-molded twist connect male and female power lead


Catenary Cable, Surface

Ideal Application

Indoor and Outdoor applications such as patios, gardens, terraces, pergolas, cafés, and restaurants



  • Voltage = 24V DC
  • Power Consumption (W/unit) = 1W pixel/globe
  • Max Run (ft) = 6" OC Up to 40', 12" OC Up to 80', 24" OC Up to 160'
  • Dimming = DMX
  • Environment = Wet Location
  • IP Rating = IP67
  • LED Color ( Kelvin Temp ) = RGBW
  • Lumen Output (lm/ft) = 55 (all color fully on)
  • Control System = Artnet, DMX 512
  • Certifications = cULus
  • Warranty = 3 Years

Controls & Softare

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