With three lens options to choose from, you can tailor your illumination precisely. Compatible with the majority of TivoTape models, it ensures effortless integration. Plus, its 6.5-foot length provides ample coverage for various applications, making it a versatile choice for your projects.

  • Small aluminum profile
  • Three available lens options
  • Compatible with most TivoTape
  • Available in 6.5′ length


  • Mount Options = Surface
  • Available Lens = Clear, Opal, Diffuser
Compatible TivoTape
  • LB (Indoor)
  • SB (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • HO (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Elite SB (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Elite HO (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Elite VHO (Indoor)
  • RGB mini (Indoor)
  • RGBW (Indoor/Outdoor)

Case Studies

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